Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inspire him to be healthy

When my Hunny went to the Police Academy, he realized then that he was terribly out of shape. Though he was a young looking 30 yr old in good health, he was in no shape to compete with 20-somethings-straight-out-of-the-marines in the 2nd toughest Police Academy in California. My Hunny injured his shoulder in the 3rd week and was unable to complete the academy in the required time. Though this came as a HUGE disappointment (we cried for about a week), it gave him inspiration to get back into shape (and back on the saddle for a career in law enforcement). Here is a booklet from Men's Health that has simple yet effective exercises that helped my Hunny reach his goal. I printed them out, put them in plastic page protectors and filed them in a binder to make it easy for him to do the exercises. Hope you can use them as well!

Monday, November 24, 2008

No Sweat Exercise for your Tummy

Belly dancers have always been known for their incredible tummies. In this clip, the instructor shows the correct posture for belly dancing. I made a concience effort to keep this posture all day (plus a did a little practice belly dancing when I passed by the mirror :>), boy did I feel it the next day! This simple position works the inner most ab muscles that help to keep your tummy looking flat. Check it out!

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