Friday, February 5, 2010

Strip Tease For Beginners~ part 2

On my last post we chatted about the importance of choosing music that moves you. Now that you have chosen a song or at least a theme, lets move on to the moves.

Doing a strip tease or sensual dance for your honey is more about seduction, charm and allure rather than dance ability. So even if you think you have no rhythm,  you definitely ability to drive your honey wild!

Simple Tricks To A Great Show:

  • Do your movements slowly. Doing them slowly fills your honey with great anticipation. 
  • Dress in layers. Each layer means your that much closer to gettin' naked and it drives guys crazy. Your honey will be "standing at attention" before you show any skin!
  • Take your time undressing. For example, unbutton your shirt but leave it on for a while or unhook your bra but hold it  in place with your hands for a while until you finally slip it off your arms (slowly of course) and toss it (perhaps to reveal some heart-shaped pasties?)
  • Listen to the music. When your nervous you may want to rush your dance, so it's important that you listen to cues in your music. These cues will remind you to slow down. Listening for cues in the music can also help you to plan for special moves that would match perfectly. For example, a lingering guitar note can be your cue to caress your legs ever so slowly.
The following dance moves are ones that I have used myself with great success. They are basic enough for the novice, but hot enough for your honey!
  1. The Hip Roll- Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and bend knee's slightly. Imagine drawing a half circle with your hips, moving your tush back.
  2. The Body Rocker- Rock your hips side to side. This is good for wiggling down skirts.
  3. Silky Legs- With your back toward him, stand with your legs hip width apart. Bend over, and slide our hands slowly up starting at your calves and ending at your inner thighs. Giving a little tush wiggle while you bend over is also nice!
  4. So Hot!- Run your fingers through your hair and/or tousle your hair as if you're "so hot!".
  5. Victory!- Lie on your back with bent knee's. Lift both legs straight up and open them into a V shape. Gently caress inner thighs. Make sure that your honey can see the V shape clearly.
  6. Flirty- Lie on your back with knee's bent. Alternate kicking one leg up as you caress your outer thighs.
  7. Reverse Flirty- Lie on stomach and rest on your elbows. Alternate kicking legs up while pointing toes.
  8. The Cat Crawl- Crawl on your hands and knee's in a slow cat-like way. When you get to your honey, spread his legs and rub your head on his goodies.
  9. Tada!- Sitting on the edge of a chair, place your hands on you knee's and quickly spread your legs open. Slowly slide your hands up your thighs.
  10. Cowgirl Tease- Straddle one of his legs and grind. You can also rub his goodies with your leg in this position.
  11. Full Cowgirl- Straddle your honey with one of your legs on each side. On this position, you can grind, rub your breasts on his face, place his hands on your bum as you kiss him.
  12. Reverse Cowgirl- Sit in his lap with your back towards him and grind. You can also lean back on his chest and lift your hips in a rhythmic motion or fondle your breasts.
Visual learner? I recommend these instructional dvd's. They contain no nudity are perfectly tailored for the average mama who wants to spice it up.
The Art of Sensual Dance for Every Body- shows a variety of women of different ages, races and body types learn to do a sensual dance. It contains no nudity and is done in a very tasteful manner.
Exotic Dance: The Irresistible Art- includes floor work and lap dance routine. Shows a bit more skin, but still tasteful.
Striptease for Burlesque, Exotic Dance & Real Life- shows how you can take anything off (even a sweat suite) and make it look unbelievably hot. 

Get some basic moves down with these youtube videos:

Next, what to wear and fun accessories!

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