Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rock Your Leopard Prints!

Before baby #2 & #3, my Hunny and I actually had a night life. One night we wanted to try something new so my Hunny looked for swanky bars in Downtown L.A. We stumbled onto the Golden Gopher . Wow! That place was beautiful! Original vintage hotel decor gave it a mysterious and cozy feel. The people were a mixture of professionals and artsy folk, very friendly.

Well since I was going to a hot bar, gotta wear my hot leopard peep toes! Got lots of complements that night, one from a music video exec. She told me "that's so creative how you paired those shoes with that outfit. Looks like something Gwen would do!". "

"Gwen?" I asked.

"Stefani. I work with her alot" she replied. She looked me over one more time and said, " Yes, she would definitely wear that. Especially with your rockin' leopard shoes!"

Wow! I was flattered! Oh lucky leopard shoes, you never let me down!

So next your in the mood to wet your whistle with kool kats in downtown L.A. check out the Golden Gopher or these other
vintage bars. And don't forget to rock your leopard prints!

1 Vintage Beauty Lovers Said...:

The Vintage Housewife... said...

hi there, rocken shoes! you just gotta have a pair of kitten shoes even after kids...ha ha... they rock!!! congrats on the new lil' hot rod baby

...ok i've just gotta ask...are you part of the rockabilly meet up? just as daddy-o and i joined it seemed emails were shooting all over so we never got a chance to meet anyone...your picture looks like the one i remeber from the site...?either that or i'm pullin' a lil' i love lucy episode...hee hee any who...adorable blog...thanks for swingin' by my

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