Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to get an hour glass shape instantly!

(Virginia Mayo) matter what body type or weight you are, you can have a beautiful hourglass shape just like the darlings of times gone by. Here are some super simple tricks to cinch the waist and create bodacious hips:

  • Wear A-line cut skirts and dresses. This cut minimizes the waist and is excellent for all body shapes.

Black Polka Dot Back Bow Kimono Dress

  • Wear a belt or sash at the waist. This draws in the eye to the middle to accentuate a small waist and lovely hips.
White Polka Dot Baby-Doll Vintage Dress

  • Wear a wrap dress. Created by Diane von Furstenberg in 1973, the wrap dress easy to wear no matter what body shape.

Black Ruffle Neckline Wrap Dress

  • Wear a waist-length or belted coat.

White Floral Belted Trench Jacket

  • Wear a pencil skirt or wiggle dress. This will hug every curve to really maximize the hour glass effect. Just make sure you wear the right undergarments! (see below)

Red Vintage Pencil Dress

  • Wear a bullet bra. This amazing bra not only takes years off of drooping girls, but also makes your waist appear smaller.
  • Wear a waist cincher or corset.
Baronessa Steel Boned Silk Corset
  • Wear a fanny enhancer.

    Padded Fanny Enchancer

So there you have it ladies! Everything you need to create a beautiful hourglass shape instantly.

So are you ready for some dangerous curves?

3 Vintage Beauty Lovers Said...:

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, full of wise advice..The last option though wouldnt be relevent here in England, as I'm afraid that word means something else here.Have a gr8 weekend.

Ms. B said...

I love that wrap dress!! I don't have a problem creating an hourglass figure, I have a problem finding premade clothing that goes in enough at my waist to show of it's size. There really aren't clothes in stores anymore to show off a 14" difference. That's why most of the clothes I buy now are vintage! I really need to learn how to sew!

Jessica Cangiano said...

I love that you're a fan of Chic Star, too! I've never actually bought from them, but have been window shopping for ages. That incredibly pretty black and white floral print jacket might just about be enough for me to take the plunge :)

Wonderful selection of fashions and tips, your posts a joy to read!

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

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