Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Most Glorious Bath Ever Part 1

I once went 3 years without a bath. Oh yes ladies...not one bath. Oh I showered plenty...I just didn't have a bath tub! (tee hee) Now, however, we finally have a bath tub! Oh how I have missed my long soaks listening to my cheesy love songs ("Journey" anyone?). Since it's been so long since my last bath, I decided that my next bath would be so wonderful that it would have been worth waiting 3 long years for just that moment. So this is it ladies...


First things first...why take a bath anyway? Besides the obvious purpose of getting clean, immersing your body in water is therapeutic...specifically hydrotherapy. "Water cures" have been around for centuries and were especially popular in Europe (roman baths, Turkish baths, hot springs..). Here are some benefits of bathing:

  • relaxes muscles

  • brings a sense of peace

  • brings blood to body surface (great for those of us with poor circulation on our legs)

  • stimulates waste elimination via perspiration and urine

  • can help with insomnia

Adding other goodies to your bath can further these benefits (we'll talk more about the endless possibilities of bath goodies later!)

Next...the bath tub and bathroom decor! Well I can't actually change my current tub, but I can change the decor! Here are some beautiful bathrooms for inspiration...

previous photos by: John Coolidge

previous photos by: Keith Scott Morton

Feelin' inspired yet ladies? I know I am! So what's next after redecorating...?

Ambiance- Candles, music and fragrance are what really start to get me in a relaxing soak kinda' mood. There are tons of options out there but I'll share some of my favorites.

Fragrance- When it come to fragrance, it is a very personal choice. Lavender is always popular for relaxing, though some find it to strong for their palate. Rose, Vanilla and Chamomile are also calming and romantic scents. Non-traditional fragrances like Beach, White Linen, Pumpkin Pie and Green Apple would also be lovely bath time scents. Just make sure that the fragrance you choose is in harmony with the scented bath goodies you will be using, otherwise you'll find yourself overwhelmed and perhaps with a headache!

Candles- Using candles are probably the most important item you can use to create a relaxing ambiance in the bathroom. I'm partial to soy candles because they produce very little black soot. Here are some beautifully handcrafted soy candles I found on Etsy...

Del Mar Soy Candles by sydneyhale

Citron Soy Blend Candle by soapsandmore

Chickadee Soy Candles by karingrow

Music- Though I am a spa girl by trade and spa music would fit the mood, I much rather listen to some good old-fashion love songs as I blissfully bathe. Check out to find your perfect nostalgic bath time tunes!

Up next...what to add to your bath!

1 Vintage Beauty Lovers Said...:

Lemondrop Marie said...

What gorgeous photos! I understand the bath hiatus, we once lived with once shower stalls- and I so missed the bath that I RIGGED one using a giant rubbermade tub. You read that right. It was easy to fill and sit in, murder to empty. I felt very pioneer and enterprising.
Glad to have found you!
Lemondrop Vintage

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