Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dee Dee: A Makeover Story

Every high school year ended with the same tune in my year is gonna be different. I'll have a cute haircut (which of course is going to be perfectly styled everyday); I'll muster up the courage to wear my vintage clothes; I'll stay on top of my skincare so that I never have a break out; I'll learn how to do different makeup looks; I'll lose a few pounds; I'll write every assignment down so that I can stay organized. Oh yeah, next year is gonna be perfect!

But alas, next year came and everything was the same. Money was tight so haircuts, skincare and makeup were few and far between; I was the typical self-conscience teenager too shy to wear anything out of the norm; I had poor eating habits that prevented any weight-loss (which in hindsight was really not necessary); I got distracted (or lazy) and forgot to write down assignments which started to pile up. When will I stop singing this tune in my head and start singing my makeover song loud and proud?

Well I know of at least one person that did. In high school I distinctly remember chatting it up with my classmate Aphrodite, Dee Dee for short.

"Next year I'm gonna be super girly and just wear cute dresses all the time. My hair's gonna be done, my nails manicured all the time. It's gonna be great!"

Oh yeah, I know that song...never gonna happen.

And I really didn't think she would. I mean she looked kinda' homely, never wore a stitch of makeup, never wore any dresses or skirts...she just looked regular....well maybe just a touch nerdy.

Next year came and lo' and behold there was Dee Dee in a cute dress, hair all smooth and styled, nails manicured with freshly applied makeup. She actually did it. She was the ultimate girly-girl just like how she planned. While her style wasn't of my particular taste, she did look very nice, and I was a little jealous.

The biggest difference though was the huge smile that was plastered on her face whenever I saw her. She was proud of what she had achieved...a makeover.

Do you sing that tune in your head? Ya know, the one that says one day, next year, someday, once the kids are grown...Well if you do then this blog is for you. So pour yourself a glass of the good bubbly stuff 'cuz today is the first day of your makeover!

Got an inspiring makeover story? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

1 Vintage Beauty Lovers Said...:

virnie said...

i remember saying the same thing! year im going to...______. Now I know that i dont haveto wait till next year nor do i haveto do it all at the same time. I agree that makeovers can happen little by little.

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