Monday, November 23, 2009

I Must Confess... schedule shows that I wake up @ 5:30a, but I really wake up closer to 7:30a

...I often feel overwhelmed by my 3 boys

...I secretly want a 4th son feet have grown since my last pregnancy but I refuse to buy bigger shoes

...I had to buy a bigger pair of "fat jeans" because I still couldn't fit into my regular "fat jeans" 3 months after having baby

...I really miss smoking

...I gained 45lbs with my first son and lost none of it after he was born.

...2 1/2 years ago I lost 55lbs and have since "found" 45 lbs of it again

...I eat way too much yogurt

...I love to write, though I rarely make time to do it

...I've been reading the same 4 books for 5 months

...I refuse to buy cute clothes for the weight I'm currently at

...I have way too much skincare goodies

...I want to buy more skincare goodies

...I think the best way to learn is to teach others

...I have big aspirations for my blog, but little time to devote to it kids are better dressed than I am most of the time

...if I were a cartoon character I'd be Minnie Mouse

...I have a crush on Det. Stabler from Law & Order SVU

...I make the best country ham, seriously

...I often have so many idea's racing through my head that I can't sleep at night dream vacation would look like this: sleep 'til noon, eat a bowl of Pop's while I watch Lifetime movies, scrapbook, nap then shower for dinner and dancing with my Hunny

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