Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Most Glorious Bath Ever Part 2

photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

Hello again sweeties! Last week we chatted about how we can create the most awesome, delicious, glorious bath ever. This past week was so busy here in the Poblano home that I was just, not relax and take a nice long soak. But I need to be patient and plan this to perfection.

I hope the pictures I posted last week of the lovely bathrooms inspired you to add a special touch to your bathroom (oh how I wish I had my own house so that I could finally create my dream bathroom!). So now on to the good stuff...what to add to the bath! My mouth is just watering over the possibilities!

  • Bath Salts- this is probably one of the oldest bathtime goodies used in "water cures". There are many different salts, and because of their different mineral content, each have special properties. Bath salts can improve circulation, ease muscle and joint soreness, help heal wounds, relieve edema, draw out toxins, and bring relief to skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

  • Bath Tea- I absolutely love bath tea! I know it's silly, but the thought of soaking my whole body in a magical herbal concoction sends me to 7th heaven! Aaaaahhh! Soaking in tea can help reduce swelling, promote skin healing, and can neutralize free radical (those are those nasty atoms that age our skin). The scent is usually divinely subtle leaving your skin softly fragranced.

Bath Tea by earthbody

  • Milk- Bathing in milk is truly a lavish ritual fit for a queen! Milk moisturizes and softens (thanks to the lactic acid) skin to perfection. There are many lovely milk baths available, like the one pictured below, but why not try somethings fresh such as organic buttermilk, coconut milk, goat milk or heavy cream. If you can, get it from your local farmers market for an even fresher heavenly treat!

  • Bubble- To be honest, I'm not a bath bubbly type of gal. I feel like I slip into a tub of bubbly clouds only to see then quickly disappear a few minutes later. Perhaps I haven't found the right bubbly? Or perhaps whats missing is a tall glass of bubbly with my bubble bath!

  • Bath Bombs- These beauties are a little newer to the bath scene. They come in a variety for whimsical shapes from ice cream scoops to cupcakes. They can fizz, foam or release luscious oils to moisturise. Definitely a tempting treat for tired souls!

Mini Bath Bomb Gift Pack by CandiedBeauty

Okay ladies, the list can go on and on. Bath oils, bath beads, essential oils, bath melts, powdered oatmeal, fresh flower petals, mineral-rich clay...

For my bath, I'm going to try this heavenly Creamy Milk Chocolate Bath Powder with fresh pink rose petals from my farmers market.

What's in your bath?

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