Monday, December 7, 2009

Beautiful Treats For A Glamorous Christmas

Treat yourself to some much needed TLC this season:

Skip your morning java and have a warm glass of cranberry juice instead. The zingy taste will pep you up while the extra dose of vitamin C will help keep sniffles away.

Keep a Vitamin E Stick in your purse to swipe over chapped lips, your sore nose or other dry, irritated patches to help them heal quickly.

Instead of munching on cakes and cookies at home (there will be plenty of goodies at the parties), stock up on plain popcorn that you can season to your hearts content. Try my Cinnamon Cranberry Popcorn Delight below!
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Keep a small bottle of coconut oil or olive oil on the stove top to keep warm. Slather the luscious warm oil over dry hands, knees and lips whenever you feel them chapped.

Place a heated, Herbal Pack pack under your bed sheet for extra warmth and fragrant dreams.

Although hot showers are tempting, especially in the chilly months, remember that long hot showers actually dry out the skin. Why not try a warm bath instead, with lots of bubbles of course!

Keep a small Nail Brush by your hand soap to thoroughly clean underneath your nails, where cold and flu nasties like to hide.

Try to keep holiday weight gain to a minimum (it's gonna happen so let's be honest), enjoy your Christmas desserts with a cup of tea instead of eggnog or cappuccino.

Have a nostalgic tin of mints with you at all times. You never know when you''ll be caught under the mistletoe!

Do your own manicures this month and donate the extra money to a charity like Samaritan Purse or World Vision.

Write or find a lovely Christmas poem and frame it. Place it by your bedside so that when you start feeling blue over all the Christmas hub-bub, you can be reminded of the true reason for the season and be glad.

How to you make the season extra beautiful?

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Kesenya said...

I love this !! Your blog is just delightful - I always enjoy a good read - it puts me in a great frame of mind !! Bless you darling, and a happy Christmas to you !!

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