Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Product Review: Hip Slimmer 2000

Yay! My first product review! Now before we get started, I want to disclose that I am not getting paid for this review nor did I receive my Hip Slimmer for free (darn). I actually bought this and used it. Okay on with the show!

Well first, it's not actually called the Hip Slimmer 2000, just Hip Slimmer (I added the 2000 to get your attention. It worked didn't it?). The reason I bought this, as many mamas already know, is because my hips widened after babies. I already had some pretty bodacious hips before my babies, but boy howdy I got some BODACIOUS HIPS after! Sure I like my curves, but mine were almost offensive! (tee hee). So I got to lookin' around to see if anything could be done.

The Hip Slimmer is a corset that claims to encourage the hips to go back together after child birth.
During pregnancy, female hormones such as relaxin and progesterone are released. Relaxin, as its name applies, causes the body’s connective tissue and joints to relax and loosen. In particular, the symphisis pubis and the sacroiliac joints widen which allows your pelvis to accommodate the enlarging uterus and eventual passage of your baby. These hormones do not return to their pre-pregnancy levels until after delivery, leaving your hips malleable. Many women complain that this widening leaves a lasting effect on their hips.
The truth is that the joints, especially the hips, do loosen and widen for child birth. So in theory one could apply gentle, consistent pressure to bring them back together before the joints get set in their position after pregnancy. Sounds reasonable to me, but what about the price?

I bought mine from the company website and paid $64 plus shipping. Not a huge chunk of change, but considering your only gonna use it for a few weeks, it kinda' is. I was willing to pay though because Baby Carlitos is probably (unless God has other plans) gonna be my last baby, which means it's the last time my joints will be loose enough to squeeze them back together. That's the reasoning I told my husband which convinced him I needed it.
It arrived within the week wrapped in pretty tissue paper. As soon as I opened it I knew it meant business. It had very sturdy construction, seams were tight, laces were thick and no fraying whatsoever. The Hip Slimmer was here and it was going to bring those hips together whether you like or not!
It didn't come with the instructions (hmm, that's weird), so I had look them up on their company website. I slipped it on over my yoga pants, tightened those laces like nobodies business and stood back. Aaahhhh! I had the most horrendous muffin top EVER!

I have (french accent) you say...junk in the trunk? Oh yes Mama got some junk in the trunk and the Hip Slimmer just pushed it all up! It was hideous, shamful and even vulgar. After I came to, I made peace with my muffin top (that is temporary until I get my sexy back) and vowed only to wear the corset only when I was home alone.

Though I looked awful, it really wasn't that uncomfortable. It just felt really snug. There was no pinching or scratching. The size large just barely fit over my ginormous hips, but once I tightened the laces it fit well. Sitting down was a bit of a challenge, but if I put low enough over my hips (really over my booty) then it didn't slide up when I sat down.
The instructions say to wear it for "several hours for the first couple of months". Honestly I wore mine for about 1-2 hours (sometimes 3), 4-5 days per week for the first 6 weeks, and I tightened the laces as tight as I could (though I still didn't feel uncomfortable). The only uncomfortable time was at night. I noticed that my hips would feel sore at night if I had worn the corset that day. Not from the outside where the corset sat on my hips, but rather from my bones where I assumemy hips were coming back together.

My results were very good. I lost a total of 3 inches off of my hips! Well worth the money I invested. I have since then tucked away my Hip Slimmer in my just-in-case-maternity box just in case there's another plus sign in my future.
Now about this muffin top...

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