Thursday, December 31, 2009

Your New Years THINspiration Look Book

I bet I can guess what one of your resolutions is. Get fit right? Man, I'm good! Losing weight is the number one New Year's resolution, and for vintage mamas like us, looking like a Betty should be number one...well after God, husbands, children and country of course.

No matter what you plan is for losing weight and getting fit, staying motivated is a must. Here are some things that I have done to motivate and thinspire me:
  • Displayed My Skinny Dress - I have this darling black with white polka dot wiggle dress that my sister gave me while I was pregnant (what a cruel joke), and I've never been able to wear it. So I put a nail on the door and hung up my precious dress do that I can see it and be encourage everyday.
  • Put Up My Fat Pictures - That's right, my fat pictures. I've tried putting up my skinny pictures, but they didn't have that shock value I need. If I'm going to have the will power to refuse a second helping, I need to see something that will horrify me to the very core. Hence the fat pictures.
  • Threw Out My Frumpy Fat Clothes - I'm not sure how they got there, but I had some frumpy looking clothes that was making me feel extra wide. So even if I just wore at home, I threw out those frumpy, fat clothes that were weighing me down.
  • Created A "Thinspirational" Look Book - Even though I say thin, I don't mean super model thin. Frankly, I know that I could never be that thin, and I'm actually quite fond of my giggly bits. So I created a look book with real women that have giggly bits to keep me motivated and inspired. Take a look...

Click to play this Smilebox photobook:

2 Vintage Beauty Lovers Said...:

virnie said...

i totally agree with the idea of throwing out old frumpy clothes. keeping it in my closet means i might wear it!!! I would much rather have a sexy dress to inspire and wear;)

Suz Broughton said...

WOW! Love your blog! I'm the admin for BlogCrush and saw your post there.
Look forward to reading you in the new year!

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