Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boot's Body Wash Review Plus A Sneaky-Peek

Hooray for the first product review of 2010 and the first beauty product review I post on my bloggity-blog!

Boot's Body Wash in Lemon
I have to admit that I am a Boot's virgin. Until a few weeks ago, the chemist's at Boot's had never touched my skin. But seeing how vintage lovers everywhere love this brand, I was curious; curious to see if behind it's nostalgic packaging was hype or heaven in a bottle.

Presentation: 5/5
Boot's packaging for their body wash is adorable. Everything, from the font to the shape of the bottle, says vintage. The bottle reminds me of an old-fashion cure-all medicine, and the lavender box it comes in says quality. The bottle that I bought had the labels put on slightly off center which I thought made it look even more charming. I loved seeing this in my shower, made me feel happy.

Fragrance: 2/5
I was a little confused and disappointed with the fragrance. The front of the label says "Lemon", while the back of the label says it contains " zesty lemon, bergamot, and orange and fragrant rose, neroli and geranium". I was expecting to take a whiff and be revived with a bright lemony scent followed by a refreshing floral. Instead, it had a very light citrus scent that I could hardly smell in my steamy shower. The scent was also barely noticeable on my skin after my shower, which may be a good thing, but the fragrance seemed so hyped up that I expected more.
I used it to wash my hands a couple of times and I did notice that the scent lingered more on my hands than it did on my body. I think it may be because I used one whole pump on my hands versus the 3 pumps for my whole body.

Feel: 4/5
Boot's Body Wash creates these tiny, velvety bubbles that makes your skin feel nice and silky as you cleanse. Mama like!

Performance: 2/5
I was so disappointed with the performance of this body wash. It took about 2-3 pumps to get a decent lather and I still had to really work at it for it to foam up on my bath pouf. It felt very silky on my skin as I cleansed, but terrible as I rinsed it off. It left my skin squeaky, a sure sign that the product was too alkaline (healthy skin likes to be lightly acidic). After towel drying, my skin still had that squeaky feel that later turned into a tight, uncomfortable feel.
When I used it to wash my hands couple of times, they felt strangely soft and squeaky. Later the my hands began to feel tight and dry. Looking at the ingredients, I see nothing "harsh" about the detergents they use, so I'm convinced that it's the pH that's out of whack (I really do need to get pH test strips to confirm this).

Total: 13/20 or a "D" in grade school terms

But wait there's more...

Extra Credit: 2+
At just $8 a bottle and readily available, I give Boot's Body Wash some extra credit. I also love that their ingredient's are simple and without cheap detergents, so more extra credit.

Final Grade: 15/20 or "C"

Final Thoughts:
With it's nostalgic packaging and trusted history, I really wanted to like this body wash. But I can't. It just made my skin feel yuck after using it. I don't even think I'll finish the bottle. I hate to throw out such a cute bottle so I'll probably fill it with another body wash. I hope I have better luck with other products from Boot's!
And now for the sneaky-peek:
Next week I'll be posting my interview with Kestrel StJames, pinup model and vintage mama of 3. You won't want to miss it!

3 Vintage Beauty Lovers Said...:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I tried their own brand cold cream once but it smelt horrid and was a bit too harsh for my face so I am sticking with good old Ponds (which allo happens to be half the price)!

Kesenya said...

Looking forward to your interview - quite ironic as I have decided to do some interviews with a few fellow vintage lovers on my blog this year too !! One of the things I love about vintage festivals etc is the chance to be inspired by other people's love for the sub culture, so I thought interviews would be a great thing to include on my blogg - cant wait to be inspired by your interview-ees !!!

Anyhow, thanks so much for your message re: foundation. Where I live (inland Australia) the climate is dry/semi arid (irrigation is the only way we can live here), there is very rarely alot of humidity in the air. My skin is very normal, but if anything it tends towards dryness. If I dont wear my moisturiser in the morning (with Olay with SPF15) it feels yukky and dry/tight. Otherwise once I have my 'face on' in the morning it feels fine, and is very rarely bothered by breakouts or irritations. I am pale by nature, burn easily and freckle up if I do instead of tanning. Lately my skin feels 'crawly' if I expose it too the sun for extended periods (over 20 mins) even with my SPF on. Maybe it was being indoors all winter long, maybe it is my aging skin not as durable anymore !!

Anyhow, have freckles from my childhood and teenage years. Being mildly outdoorsy in childhood (farm kid), and enjoying swimming at the lake every summer in my teens, my skin has freckles and the beginnings of age spots now even though I am careful with sun exposure now.

So I am really looking for a comfortable everyday foundation, but would also like a good pancake style coverage for special occasions but am overwhelmed everytime I walk into the cosmetics department and just dont know where to start or who to believe!!!! Also, do you have any advice for fading the freckles I do have? Not overly keen on lemon juice because of the drying factor, but if it is the best way I will certianly give it a crack !

Anyhow, now that I have written you an essay I had better get going!! Thanks so very much - I am not surprised your blogg is doing so well.....it is just wonderful, I love it !!

Ooh yeah, by the way - would you like to be one of my interview-ees this year? Let me know - it would be terrific promotion for your blogg and I'd love to have a couple of glamerous Mummies on my interview-ee list !!

Love to you and yours !


The Hausfrau said...

Too bad about the body wash. What a fun blog you have, here--I'm now a follower, and I'll be adding a link from my own blog soon, as well!

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