Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Not A Snob, I'm A Connoisseur

Well that's how I justify my preferences in skincare and makeup. You can't really blame me though. I've been involved in so many sides of the beauty biz, it was inevitable. From manufacturing to marketing, professional services to sales, becoming a beauty snob, connoisseur, came naturally.

So what kind of of product reviews can you expect from a beauty connoisseur? Honest, thorough and professional of course! No, I won't be reviewing everything under the sun, I'll leave that to the beauty junkies. I'd rather bring you some lovely, vintage beauty goodies, the kind of goodies that real vintage mama's need to be all glam and retro fabulous!

So stay tuned for some exceptional product reviews from a skincare expert and beauty connoisseur!

First up, Boots Original Beauty Formula Body Wash...

2 Vintage Beauty Lovers Said...:

Anonymous said...

Woo! Can't wait! :)

Kesenya said...

Hey Honey - golly I love your blog !! I am praying for more time to be able to read everything !!! I just adore your blog title 'comment' - how do we keep our glam after kids?!!! Funny !! Actually, I have a question for you - being in my mid 30's now (yikes!!) and living in the harsh Australian climate, my poor old english heritage skin is suffering. Can you reccomend me a good foundation that will cover freckles and give that 'Dita Von Tease' look? I recall photographs of Marilyn after she had died, she actually had quite freckly skin, yet it always looked so flawless on camera...what did she use? Complexcion is the first to go with age, so I need some helpful hints and a good foundation ! Mineral makeup DOES NOT WORK for me - I am pale and dont want the bronze look. I thought you would be the one to have the answer !! Now I am off to read some more of your posts and continue to be wonderfully inspired !! (Forgive any spelling errors - it late and I should be in bed....just cant resist reading more !!!!)

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