Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{Kestrel StJames} Real Vintage Mama Profile part 2/3

My last post focused on Kestrel's skin and hair care. Today we'll be taking a peek at her fashion and makeup must-haves.

Day to day, I don’t usually wear much.  When I’m shooting, I wear TONS.  I look like a two dollar trollop, because in order to not have all your work get washed out by the bright lights photographers use, you have to use a heavier hand.  It never fails that after a shoot I end up having to stop by the school for some reason, and I’m sure they think I must always look like that.  False lashes, Raggedy Anne cheeks and all!
 When Kestrel does wear makeup, she relies on her old faithfuls: MAC's FluidlineUrban Decay's Eyeshadows (without glitter), and Smashbox for concealer and powder (she raved about their Halo Perfecting Powder).

Currently Kestrel mostly uses Revlon Lip Colors (in the black tubes), but says she's in the process of upgrading her lipsticks.

You really do get what you pay for when it comes to make up.  I used to say oh yeah, I can get the same looks with drug store product, but once I started upgrading to the good stuff, I found I could get those looks quicker, easier [using less product]

Here are a couple of shots of her perfumes Angel by Thierry Mugler and Woman by Versace . 

Here's her dresser, complete with the baby Tylenol, an essential to any vintage mama!

Kestrel admits tat she's a bit of an "oddball" housewife. She's tattooed, with large holes in her earlobes, and loves her some killer high heels (sounds about right to me!). She's the kind of gal that just knows what she likes and wears just that, what she likes. Here are some pieces that she currently likey:
  • cardigans
  • Victoria Secret Skinny Jeans
  • Shoes! 

 Shoes are my latest indulgence, and I’ve been going shoe crazy in every color! Red satin, black patent leather, purple patent leather, pink patent leather, leopard,  black and white, pink sequined… 

Kestrel likes to shop at Pinup Girl ClothingFrancescas Collection, JC Penny and Hannah D’s, a local boutique. Check out her closet! I don't know that that black ruffly thing is but I want to play dress up with it! 

Her biggest fashion challenge after kids?

Not self sabotaging.  For YEARS after having my second and when the kids started school I was on this dress down kick.  I think I was hiding from people.  I thought by doing this, I would be ‘taken seriously’ or ‘liked’ but what it really resulted in was making me into a watered down version of myself and breaking down my identity for the sake of fitting in.
Tomorrows post will feature her fitness tips!
For more info on Kestrel StJames go to Model Mayhem, Deviant Art,  and Pin Up Lifestyle.

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