Friday, January 15, 2010

{Kestrel StJames} Real Vintage Mama Profile part 3/3

I hope you ladies enjoyed the first 2 posts about Kestrels beauty and fashion. She's an amazing vintage mama isn't she? Well we're not done yet. In this post we'll learn how she keeps her amazing body "pin-up" ready after 3 babies.

Kestrel calculated her dress size to be 12-14 according to this calculator, though she looks like an 8 to me. This breastfeeding mama admits that her diet really isn't the best and says she really wouldn't reccomend it to anyone (I don't think it's that bad. I've eaten worse...way worse).
I eat the same thing pretty much every day.  Quakes mini rice cakes in ranch flavor, Boston Organics roasted red pepper and tomato soup, and Uramaki sushi rolls from the kiosk at the grocery store.
She also suggests not eating what you feed your kids since their foods are more calorie dense. Growing kids need more calories after all!  (Hmm, never though of that. Great tip!)

Trying to fit exercise in when your a mama can be an incredible challenge. Kestrel manages her exercise by doing it all day! I love this, it's genius.

I put my exercises into my life.  When I’m on the computer, I’m using the thigh master.  When I get up in the morning I lift the baby over my head twenty times.  Every time I sit down in the computer chair I lift a basketball up over my head twenty times with my ankles.  When I watch tv I lay on the floor with a soccer ball under the small of my back and do crunches and pelvic tilts.  I do what some have called ‘wacky-jacks’ because I get really bored with onsie twosies.  I also do twenty lunges a day on each side holding the 20lb baby.
Now I have no excuse! Starting tomorrow I'm going to start my day doing lunges with my 17lb baby! Here's a video showing those wacky-jacks Kestrel does.

Kestrel really knows how to get that baby weight off. She's already down to 140 lbs, 10lbs less then before baby and only 5 lbs away from her high school weight! Great job mama!

One last motivational tip from Kestrel...

It’s mental.  It really is.  The only thing that stops people from getting serious, getting on a diet, staying on a diet and making a point of exercising is telling themselves that it doesn’t really matter if they do because… what ever reason they are currently using.  Too tired, too old, too this that or the other thing.
Thank you so much Kestrel for letting me and my readers take a peek into your beauty, fashion and fitness. You are one amazing mama and a gorgeous woman.

To learn more about Kestrel StJames or to hire her for your next shoot, please visit her on Model MayhemDeviant Art, and Pin Up Lifestyle.

If you are a vintage mama and would like to be profiled, please email me or leave a comment.

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