Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Long 28, Hello 29!

Dear 28,
We had a good run 28. Yes, indeed. We had many good times, and few bad ones as well. This year together sure has been a crazy one...

Remember when I found out that I was pregnant only 10 months after Jack-Jack. Gosh that was scary! I wasn't sure if I could handle 3 boys. But you were there, every step of the way. Even when I drove myself to the hospital in labor.

What about the time when I drove with the parking brake on which made my rear brakes give out and I didn't realize it until I was going down a hill.That was pretty scary wasn't it? Ah, good times...good times.

And then there was that time when I told my family about my new blogging adventure. Boy that was one uncomfortable blank stare! But you believed in me. 

Yeah, you were there for me the whole year through. But now it's time to part ways. There is someone else in my life. Her name is 29, Lucky 29.

29 is actually alot like you. She pretty, fun to be with, sweet and quite witty (if I do say so myself), but she's also different. She's wiser, more resourceful, and willing to take more risks. Sure she's a little older then what I'm used to (I still miss '25'), but I think Lucky 29 suites me better. 

So as much as I hate breakups, I must. 

So long 28.

Hello 29!

Vintage Mama

4 Vintage Beauty Lovers Said...:

Anonymous said...

Lovely post...Just wait till you meet 30, she'l knock you for six!

The Hausfrau said...

Have a beautiful birthday! I'm sure you'll love 29!

Kesenya said...

Happy birthday !! I'd love to be 29 again.....enjoy!!! I also have a blogging award for you darling - pop over to my blog to see !! XX

Anonymous said...

Aww! Cute post. Hope you had a lovely birthday and treated your self to something nice? :-)

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