Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vintage Mama's Are Like Fine China...

You know that fine china that you have tucked away? I'm talking about the set with the fancy silver scrolls that is supposed to be for special occasions but instead sits there collecting dust because you have yet to find an occasion special enough to use it. And when a special occasion does arise you still don't bring it out because that means you have to wash all the china before and after you use it so instead you pull out the paper plates.

We mama's often treat ourselves the same way we treat our fine china, waiting for special occasions to get all dolled up or maybe not putting forth the effort when the occasion does rise. But like the fine china example, if you don't put forth the effort you're just gonna collect dust.

So let's take out that gorgeous fine china, clean it up with your most luxurious cleanser, polish it 'til it's true beauty shines through, make it even more gorgeous by adorning it with your unique flair, share your new beautiful creation with the world, and do this everyday.

Sure it take some work, but you are...I mean your china is... so worth it!

2 Vintage Beauty Lovers Said...:

Anonymous said...

Nice post, we drink from ours a cup of tea always tastes better in china!

Kesenya said...

You are so right !! I love the message in this post - I try and use my good china as ofton as possible and I dress up to make every day special as ofton as I can have encouraged me to keep on doing so - to make every day a jewel !! Thankyou honey !!

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