Saturday, February 27, 2010

And The Survey Says...

Thank you ladies for taking my short survey! Reading what you had to say was lot's of fun as well as helpful. So what did you say? Take a look...
  • You think VINTAGE BEAUTY BLOG should remain VINTAGE BEAUTY BLOG- okay ladies the name will stay same!
  • Your liking a new tag line "Beauty & Style For Everyday Vintage Glam"
  • You want more "real women vintage stuff"  
    • more tutorials on hair and makeup
    • more simple vintage style tips (I have a killer idea for this, just gotta get a camcorder connection) 
    • plus-size vintage style
    • more guests posts
    • more beauty how-to's (this is VINTAGE BEAUTY BLOG after all!)
  •  You want YouTube video's. -I'm working on it ladies! I really want to use my camcorder for these instead of my laptop camera. Only thing is I need to buy a connection to upload them to my laptop from the camcorder. It's not too pricey ($40), but it's a bit out of the budget this month.
  • You want a newsletter- I've been playing with this idea for a while and now that you let me know you want it, I'm gonna give it to ya! Aiming to make it's debut April 2010.
So did I get it right ladies? Is this what you need from VINTAGE BEAUTY BLOG? If not, there still time to take the survey. I will leave it open until March 1st. Just click on the link on the upper right side bar.

P.S. To give you a sneak peek (as well as organize my thoughts) I will be posting an editorial calender. Of course nothing is set in stone here, but I will try to stay on this schedule. Cheers!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Please Parden The Interruption

I've been teasing a bit lately about my upcoming move to wordpress. Well I did the first part today by signing up for new hosting. Yikes! I actually have to pay monthly for this! I'm not sure how smoothly this whole transferring thing is, so if things get a little dusty and loopy around here, know that my people (okay, the professional I hired) is on the case.
Shannon Albert is having a super discount on her blog services (including setting up your wordpress blog for free), so if any of you fine ladies are also thinking about taking your blog to the next step now is the time. She'll be doing free services until the end of this month!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Worlds Worst Acne Offenses

Ah old foe. When I worked at the spa, acne clients were often the worst when it came to how they treated their skin. As a skin professional, I was appalled by the methods they used to clear their skin. As an acne sufferer myself (former of course) I sympathized with their despair and confusion. 

So to save you some heartache, here is my top 10 worst acne offenses:

10. Using products known to aggravate blemish prone skin. This totally boggles the mind. Pancake theatrical makeup (like MAC's) and cold cream (even if Miss Monroe used it) is totally inappropriate for blemish prone skin. Using products like these are definitely going to make a bad thing worse.

9.Using facial scrubs. I'm not sure why skincare lines keep making these "medicated" facial scrubs. If you need something medicated (meaning it's going to kill bacteria) the last thing you want to do is scrub open those infected blemishes and spread the infection around. If you just have blackheads, a gentle scrub will help loosen those buggers up. Just remember to massage it into your skin, don't "scrub" it in with your hands.

8. Drying out your skin. Oily skin is not the cause of acne, so why try to dry out your skin with astringents and over doing the clay masks? In fact oily skin is a blessing! The protective layer of sebum prevents moisture loss and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Also, constant over-drying can lead to an overproduction of sebum. Instead choose products that help remove excess oil, not strip it away.

7. Using only one product and expecting a miracle. After every acne treatment I did, I'd set out all the products the client needed to continue the blemish-clearing treatment at home. Sometimes they naively bought one product (usually the spot treatment) and thought their skin would clear up. Not so ladies. Clearing blemishes takes a customized skin care regimen, not one miracle product.

6. Using too many products. Using a cleanser + a scrub + a clay mask + an all over treatment serum + a spot treatment + an oil control lotion + another dab of the spot treatment for good measure = overkill. All your going to get is raw, irritated, blemished skin. Take it easy. It's not just about getting rid of blemishes, you also have to heal and prevent scarring.

5. Using Proactive. Honestly the stuff is crap. Some of the worst blemished skin that I have treated are from those that have used Proactive. Benzoyl Peroxide, the active ingredient, destroys healthy skin cells, dries out the skin and leaves behind scars. Just stay away, far away.

4. Trying to take out blackheads without properly preparing the skin. Yes there is a way to properly prepare the skin. This helps them to slip out easier as well as helps to prevent scarring and inflammation. See my eHow article here to learn how to prep and extract.

3. Picking. Yeah I know it's tempting, but picking at your skin leaves scars and spreads infection. Just stop...right now...stop!

2. Not using sunscreen. Sunscreen can feel heavy and greasy, so if may be tempting to skip it. Please don't. Instead of just having blemished skin, now your also going to have premature aging skin.

1. Not seeing a skincare professional. Not the cosmetics counter girl, not your neighborhood beauty consultant, a skincare professional. She can help you to understand what type of acne you have, create a custom home treatment and recommend the professional treatments you need. If your acne is is severe enough that it needs a dermatologist, she can even refer you to one. So why not take advantage of this free service?

So those are my top 10 worst acne offenses. Do you see any that your guilty of doing, or worse yet, advising someone to do? C'mon ladies...come clean.

*Photo is of Jayne Mansfield 1962

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Your Perfect Fit In 3 Easy Steps

Flattering clothes are all about fit. The hard part is finding the fit, right? Well not anymore! At Shabby Apple I answered 3 simple questions and they gave me a whole list of gorgeous dresses for my pear/hourglass shape along with simple style tips. Oh and talk about a confidence boost! Shabby Apple also gave me a style icon based on my body shape. Look who mine is...

 I loved the dresses so much I became an affiliate. So pop on over and see how easy it is to get the perfect fit in vintage glam. Make sure you also check out their look-book!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Champagne Vintage Layout

I'm currently saving all my pennies to totally pimp out Vintage Beauty Blog, so that means shopping is on hold right now. So to curb my shopping cravings, I've been playing around at ShopStyle creating style layouts.Here's my first which I lovingly named " Champagne". You might notice that it's very similar to polyvore, however I'm an affiliate with ShopStyle, which means I'll have a few more pennies to add to my piggy bank if you click on a pic...pretty please?

Valentino at ShopStyle

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jane Russell On YouTube

I swear I watch the Olympics purely for the sports...

 I've admitted somewhere on this blog how I live my life like one big musical. But something was always missing...Aha! Long gloves to accentuate my hand movements! Thanks Jane!

How many euphemisms can you count in this little ditty? My goodness Jane, someones on the prowl!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Help Make Vintage Beauty Better

It's nearing the time for me to move wordpress that is! I've been getting some feed back from mega successful bloggers that if I'm gonna grow, then I gotta hop on over to wordpress. But it's all for the better ladies. 

Meanwhile, I really want to hear from you ! 

What do you want from Vintage Beauty Blog?

Please take my super short survey and let me know how I can make Vintage Beauty better for you!

Need to chat more about your vintage beauty needs? Please leave a comment!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Hate Jumping Jacks

My Hunny had been really complaining about his weight lately. So when is birthday came around this month I thought I'd get him something to get him back into shape. Honestly I was just planning on getting him some weights and perhaps some protein powder to make him some shakes in the morning, but then I remembered a fitness program that I wanted to get him about 2 years ago (to get him into shape to return to the police academy). 


So he's been doing it for about a week and I already see a difference in his body. Crazy, I know. 

So I'm thinkin', "Perhaps mama should be getting some of this P90X action 'cause mama needs a new pair of shoes!". Oh wait, that's not it..."mama need to work off this baby fat!" Yup that's it.

So I did the fitness test required before beginning the program. I just barely squeak by the minimum requirements. I probably could have done better but I'm so lazy.
Then came the jumping jacks. 2 minutes of the most basic exercise known to man.

The first 20 seconds were ok. Then my body realized that I wasn't going to stop and it began to fight back.

I became keenly aware of all my (extra) giggly bits as I jumped and jacked. 

My saddle bags began to ache.

I pushed harder and harder...I gave it all I had...I dug down deep...I unholy grunt came through my clenched teeth...

Surely I must be close to finishing.

"20 seconds left", my Hunny says encouragingly, "til a 1 minute 30 sec."

What?! You mean it's only been 1 minute 10 seconds?? Nooooo!!!

My body gave out at 1 min. 30 sec.
It was a very humbling moment.

So starting this Friday, Vintage Mama is doing P90X. Prayers welcomed.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Strip Tease For Beginners~ part 4

Hooray! You're almost ready for your big "reveal"! You have your super sexy song picked out, rehearsed your cat moves, and put together the perfect (and naughty) outfit. All that's left is your makeup, hair and a few finishing touches.
I poured over youtube to find the best(and easiest) in romantic makeup and hair tutorials. These are my favorites...
  • This makeup tutorial by AmyB. shows a naughty, 60's sex kitten look. It totally reminds me of Sophia Loren. It's a very glamorous daytime look that can be easily transformed into nightime for your show!

    • This is another makeup tutorial by AmyB. Here she shows how to apply false lashes (a must for bedroom eyes) as well as a classic 50's pin-up look, which of course is always hot!

    • This a beautiful smokey eye tutorial. Smokey eyes are very intense, perfect for a night of passion!

    • Need to know how to create the perfect cat eye? This video is for you...

    And now for some sexy hair...
    • This first video is great for short hair. This is the look I actually did for my profile pic!

    • If you have longer hair, then this glamorous tutorial by Iris is for you...

    Finishing touches:
    • Apply a gently scented body powder (or finely milled tapioca powder) to your body. It will keep your skin feeling silky and absorb any perspiration
    •  Eat lightly the day before and the day of your show that way you don't have any nasty bloated or heavy feeling, a definite mood killer
    • Get a bikini wax a day or two before. I highly recommend getting a brazilian (where they pretty much leave you clean as a whistle), but at the very least clean it up.
    • Put a drop or two of pure rose oil (diluted in jojoba oil) on your hands, rub them together to warm it up and press onto your inner thighs, the nape of your neck, and between your breasts. This will leave a delicate scent of fresh, sweet roses. Plus it's an aphrodisiac!
    • When you create your playlist or burn your cd, make sure to include some ambient music to play before your show song.
    • Practice, practice, practice!
    Please also see my very popular eHow post on doing a strip tease for your husband!

    And there your have it all you sex kittens! Everything you need to do an awesome strip tease for your honey! Your gonna rock and he's gonna drool...and that's a Vintage Mama guarantee!

    If you enjoyed this series please leave a comment!

    Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Strip Tease For Beginners~ part 3

    Okay so you've got your sexy song picked out and some awesome idea's for your cat moves. Up next, what to take off!

    I'm gonna let you in on my no-fuss-everyone-looks-like-a-pin-up outfit that you probably have in your closet right now...white button shirt, a pencil skirt and heels. A simple but deadly combination. This outfit can be accessorized in many different ways to suite any fantasy and song. Here are some of the ways you accessorize to change the look:
    1. Thick belt
    2. Fedora hat
    3. Strands of long pearls (think how incredible that would look when your down to your undies!)
    4. Fishnet stockings
    5. Thigh-high stockings
    6. Reading glasses (think sexy librarian, weird but but guys dig it) 
    7. Flower pinned in your hair.
    8. Suspenders (not those rainbow ones you've been saving from jr high...unless you're going for that nerdy school girl look)
    9. Mens tie
    Remember we talked about dressing in layers, so underneath your fitted pencil skirt and white button shirt you can wear:
    1. A lacy camisole
    2. Frilly boy shorts or bloomers
    3. Garter belt
    4. Corset
    5. A teddy
    6. G-string
    7. Bra
    8. Pasties
    I personally like to wear a pasties-bra-camisole on top and g-string with some frilly boy shorts on the bottom. Try on different combinations and see which is easiest for you to take off (you don't wanna trip trying to wiggle down your slip) as well what makes you feel like a total sex kitten.

    In need of some hot, new lingerie? Check out my lovely affiliates:
    Secrets in Lace- I've recommended them before for their wonderful collection of bullet bra's, but they have so much more! Check out their Dita Von Teese Collection and Bettie Page Collection
    Hips and Curves- Some seriously hot and gorgeous lingerie for plus size mama's, including corsets and costumes (oh my!) 
    What Katie Did- 1940's and 1950's style lingerie for the modern pin-up.

    Up and makeup honey!


    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Strip Tease For Beginners~ part 2

    On my last post we chatted about the importance of choosing music that moves you. Now that you have chosen a song or at least a theme, lets move on to the moves.

    Doing a strip tease or sensual dance for your honey is more about seduction, charm and allure rather than dance ability. So even if you think you have no rhythm,  you definitely ability to drive your honey wild!

    Simple Tricks To A Great Show:

    • Do your movements slowly. Doing them slowly fills your honey with great anticipation. 
    • Dress in layers. Each layer means your that much closer to gettin' naked and it drives guys crazy. Your honey will be "standing at attention" before you show any skin!
    • Take your time undressing. For example, unbutton your shirt but leave it on for a while or unhook your bra but hold it  in place with your hands for a while until you finally slip it off your arms (slowly of course) and toss it (perhaps to reveal some heart-shaped pasties?)
    • Listen to the music. When your nervous you may want to rush your dance, so it's important that you listen to cues in your music. These cues will remind you to slow down. Listening for cues in the music can also help you to plan for special moves that would match perfectly. For example, a lingering guitar note can be your cue to caress your legs ever so slowly.
    The following dance moves are ones that I have used myself with great success. They are basic enough for the novice, but hot enough for your honey!
    1. The Hip Roll- Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and bend knee's slightly. Imagine drawing a half circle with your hips, moving your tush back.
    2. The Body Rocker- Rock your hips side to side. This is good for wiggling down skirts.
    3. Silky Legs- With your back toward him, stand with your legs hip width apart. Bend over, and slide our hands slowly up starting at your calves and ending at your inner thighs. Giving a little tush wiggle while you bend over is also nice!
    4. So Hot!- Run your fingers through your hair and/or tousle your hair as if you're "so hot!".
    5. Victory!- Lie on your back with bent knee's. Lift both legs straight up and open them into a V shape. Gently caress inner thighs. Make sure that your honey can see the V shape clearly.
    6. Flirty- Lie on your back with knee's bent. Alternate kicking one leg up as you caress your outer thighs.
    7. Reverse Flirty- Lie on stomach and rest on your elbows. Alternate kicking legs up while pointing toes.
    8. The Cat Crawl- Crawl on your hands and knee's in a slow cat-like way. When you get to your honey, spread his legs and rub your head on his goodies.
    9. Tada!- Sitting on the edge of a chair, place your hands on you knee's and quickly spread your legs open. Slowly slide your hands up your thighs.
    10. Cowgirl Tease- Straddle one of his legs and grind. You can also rub his goodies with your leg in this position.
    11. Full Cowgirl- Straddle your honey with one of your legs on each side. On this position, you can grind, rub your breasts on his face, place his hands on your bum as you kiss him.
    12. Reverse Cowgirl- Sit in his lap with your back towards him and grind. You can also lean back on his chest and lift your hips in a rhythmic motion or fondle your breasts.
    Visual learner? I recommend these instructional dvd's. They contain no nudity are perfectly tailored for the average mama who wants to spice it up.
    The Art of Sensual Dance for Every Body- shows a variety of women of different ages, races and body types learn to do a sensual dance. It contains no nudity and is done in a very tasteful manner.
    Exotic Dance: The Irresistible Art- includes floor work and lap dance routine. Shows a bit more skin, but still tasteful.
    Striptease for Burlesque, Exotic Dance & Real Life- shows how you can take anything off (even a sweat suite) and make it look unbelievably hot. 

    Get some basic moves down with these youtube videos:

    Next, what to wear and fun accessories!

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    Strip Tease For Beginners~ part 1

    Ready to knock the socks off of our honey this Valentines Day? Why not try a strip tease! Yes, I know it can be intimidating, but just follow my guide and you'll be struttin' your stuff like a true sex kitten!

    First Things First
    Decide what type of strip tease you want to do. Will it be soft and sensual? Erotic? Or a little naughty? Maybe it will be a combination of all! To find your inspiration you can simply ask your honey what sort of dance he would like (or what sort of fantasies he has about you) or you can  listen to music that gets you in the mood.

    Choosing Your Music
    Dancing in your skivvies can be a little nerve wracking (yes even if he has seen you naked before), so picking music that inspires you and makes you feel comfortable is very important. As you listen to different music, close your eyes and try to imagine what sort of dance moves you would do. Though you don't have to make up your dance routine just yet, this will help you choose your song.

    Here's a playlist
    to help you get an idea of what sort of a dance you want to do. It is a very eclectic playlist, but all the songs are great to tease to. Oh yes honey, I personally "tested" several of these songs myself! *wink*  Can you guess which ones?

    Music Playlist at

    Stay tuned for part 2 - the dance moves!

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