Saturday, February 6, 2010

Strip Tease For Beginners~ part 3

Okay so you've got your sexy song picked out and some awesome idea's for your cat moves. Up next, what to take off!

I'm gonna let you in on my no-fuss-everyone-looks-like-a-pin-up outfit that you probably have in your closet right now...white button shirt, a pencil skirt and heels. A simple but deadly combination. This outfit can be accessorized in many different ways to suite any fantasy and song. Here are some of the ways you accessorize to change the look:
  1. Thick belt
  2. Fedora hat
  3. Strands of long pearls (think how incredible that would look when your down to your undies!)
  4. Fishnet stockings
  5. Thigh-high stockings
  6. Reading glasses (think sexy librarian, weird but but guys dig it) 
  7. Flower pinned in your hair.
  8. Suspenders (not those rainbow ones you've been saving from jr high...unless you're going for that nerdy school girl look)
  9. Mens tie
Remember we talked about dressing in layers, so underneath your fitted pencil skirt and white button shirt you can wear:
  1. A lacy camisole
  2. Frilly boy shorts or bloomers
  3. Garter belt
  4. Corset
  5. A teddy
  6. G-string
  7. Bra
  8. Pasties
I personally like to wear a pasties-bra-camisole on top and g-string with some frilly boy shorts on the bottom. Try on different combinations and see which is easiest for you to take off (you don't wanna trip trying to wiggle down your slip) as well what makes you feel like a total sex kitten.

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Up and makeup honey!


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