Sunday, February 7, 2010

Strip Tease For Beginners~ part 4

Hooray! You're almost ready for your big "reveal"! You have your super sexy song picked out, rehearsed your cat moves, and put together the perfect (and naughty) outfit. All that's left is your makeup, hair and a few finishing touches.
I poured over youtube to find the best(and easiest) in romantic makeup and hair tutorials. These are my favorites...
  • This makeup tutorial by AmyB. shows a naughty, 60's sex kitten look. It totally reminds me of Sophia Loren. It's a very glamorous daytime look that can be easily transformed into nightime for your show!

    • This is another makeup tutorial by AmyB. Here she shows how to apply false lashes (a must for bedroom eyes) as well as a classic 50's pin-up look, which of course is always hot!

    • This a beautiful smokey eye tutorial. Smokey eyes are very intense, perfect for a night of passion!

    • Need to know how to create the perfect cat eye? This video is for you...

    And now for some sexy hair...
    • This first video is great for short hair. This is the look I actually did for my profile pic!

    • If you have longer hair, then this glamorous tutorial by Iris is for you...

    Finishing touches:
    • Apply a gently scented body powder (or finely milled tapioca powder) to your body. It will keep your skin feeling silky and absorb any perspiration
    •  Eat lightly the day before and the day of your show that way you don't have any nasty bloated or heavy feeling, a definite mood killer
    • Get a bikini wax a day or two before. I highly recommend getting a brazilian (where they pretty much leave you clean as a whistle), but at the very least clean it up.
    • Put a drop or two of pure rose oil (diluted in jojoba oil) on your hands, rub them together to warm it up and press onto your inner thighs, the nape of your neck, and between your breasts. This will leave a delicate scent of fresh, sweet roses. Plus it's an aphrodisiac!
    • When you create your playlist or burn your cd, make sure to include some ambient music to play before your show song.
    • Practice, practice, practice!
    Please also see my very popular eHow post on doing a strip tease for your husband!

    And there your have it all you sex kittens! Everything you need to do an awesome strip tease for your honey! Your gonna rock and he's gonna drool...and that's a Vintage Mama guarantee!

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